George Balloutine
Director of Brand Development
George Balloutine

George Balloutine is a New Jersey native with a degree in Social Sciences. George has been an entrepreneur for most his life. He has travelled overseas to facilitate a foothold for American business working with foreign governments. He is a supporter of small business and has helped run a multitude of businesses from a young age.

His extensive experience with locally run businesses and connecting with the community has only greatly amped up his passion for American Made and America First. Using his Social Media platform as a Defender of Truth and Justice, he has built a trusted reputation as a Social Media Influencer.

His experience with consulting and advising for Political Campaigns has led him to collaborate with some of the most significant names of our time. His latest venture has been building TheBigMig™ Media Company and TheBigMig Podcast/Videocast as a Producer/Cohost. As a Constitutional Conservative, it’s vital to George’s efforts to promote Medical freedom and continue his fight to preserve our Liberty and Freedoms that is our God given right. He has made it his priority to support the rights of Americans and will not stop at nothing until we are, once again, One Nation Under God.

George Balloutine

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