Ann Vandersteel
Ann Vandersteel

Ann Vandersteel, co-chair of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation, has the honor of carrying forward the mission and legacy of world-renowned medical freedom fighter and humanitarian, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. Dr. Zelenko, made famous for his Zelenko Protocol, saved millions of lives during the COVID pandemic.

Ann’s work as a truth teller and journalist in new media, made her a recognized name in the patriot freedom movement. Today, as co- chair of the Zelenko Freedom Foundation, Ann is helping merge the defenders of the patriot and medical freedom movements to result in restoration of America’s republic while protecting the sovereignty of we the people.

Ann is working to echo Dr. Zelenko’s message of body sovereignty and using your God courage to “spread the truth like a mantra”. The launch of The Zelenko Report is one initiative in fulfilling his legacy with a live weekday show. Additional areas of focus are to strategically develop future leaders through our Zelenko Fellows, young collegiate academics, through internships in the foundation’s area of focus. Internships in media for the Zelenko Fellows will be one of Ann’s priorities.

Ann is also very focused on real world solutions that will positively impact communities decimated by corrupt establishment policies. By engaging in community development, incubating technologies that have been suppressed by the medical industrial complex, and shaping public policy to foster a healthier humanity, Ann is building a new health paradigm. Together with her co-chair, Kevin Jenkins, Ann is working toward transforming the broken paradigm of sick care into one of a prosperous well care model.

Prior to the Zelenko Foundation, Ann was the host of SteelTruthTM, and is considered a thought leader and trailblazer in "new media”. SteelTruthTM aired weeknights, and was recognized as the premiere, primetime investigative news program competitive with the best mainstream media had to offer.

As a news magazine, SteelTruthTM, was focused on topics mostly ignored or mischaracterized by the mainstream media, delivering hard hitting content with a topical segmented format covering news, money, health, and guest expert segments. Steel Truth highlighted Ann’s reputation for being a fair investigative citizen journalist, whose A-List guests, and sources, was committed to exposing and sharing complex stories while also offering opinions and solutions. "Steel Truth" attracted varied, high-profile guests like former Intelligence Community whistleblowers such as Bill Binney, former Trump advisor, Peter Navarro, Fox News Show Host Jeanine Pirro, former DOJ attorneys like Sidney Powell, former NSA General Flynn, Dinesh D’Souza, Patrick Byrne, Mike Lindell, political operatives like Corey Lewandowski, former DEA official Derek Maltz, Juanita Broaddrick, Mark Young, Joseph Flynn, Congressional and Senatorial Candidates and more!

As the former President and co-host on YourVoice America, a popular conservative new media news and analysis show, Ann built her reputation as a trusted news source who respects the responsibility of delivering accurate news and analysis with consistency.

Ann’s professional background also includes spearheading advanced technology projects from start to finish. Her ability to track social media influencers and leverages intel to effectively analyze and report current events has made her a powerful voice on social media.

Ann Vandersteel

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